We Ship Worldwide
We can ship your order worldwide to you or your client using your tags, printing, box, we understand the clients values...
30 Days Process
We offer easy 30 days Process for normal wholesale orders, with customization as per your company, brand name....
Secure Payment Methods
Client security is important to us, We offer most secure methods for our clients to pay online, credit cards, paypal etc...

Looking for profitable unique products to liven up your store? Then you are on the right place!

Bavarian Garments is offering special wholesale prices on all products for the clients who order in bulk, following the philosophy "the more you order, the lower the price"

1. How to Get The Wholesale Prices

As our entire web listed products are available for wholesale purchase.

1. 5% Discount on buying 25 pcs of each product.

2. 15% Discount on buying 50 pcs of each product.

3. 20% Discount on buying 100 pcs of each product.

4. 25% Discount on buying 500 pcs of each product.

2. How To Place Wholesale Orders

1. Go to the product(s) you want to purchase.

2. Select the quantity, add to cart and checkout.

3. Include sizes or send them later.

4. Select payment method which is easy to pay for you.

4. Click to pay (Confirm Order). Your order is placed.

3. When My Wholesale Order Will Be Shipped

We ship small quantity orders in 9-10 working days.

1. 50 pcs Dispatch within 2-3 weeks.

2. 100 pcs Dispatch within 3-4 weeks.

3. 500 pcs Dispatch within 5-6 weeks.

4. 1000 pcs Dispatch within 6-7 weeks.

These are the regular shipping time frames. If you need your order urgent, we can speak about it.